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Taylor Print undertakes a variety of activities designed to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment, some of which include:

Sunflower and Solar Panels representing sustainability
  • - Our factory is solar powered.
  • - Recycling of all our paper and board waste, trims and associated products.
  • - Our digital presses use newly designed toners that adhere to paper at lower temperatures, significantly reducing energy consumption.
  • - Our offset presses print with vegetable based inks.
  • - We purchase all papers from ISO 14001 or EMAS accredited paper mills and promote the use of recycled Australian made papers.
  • - We are committed to our staff and clients by ensuring we are in compliance with all environmental and workcover legislation guidelines. (We have undergone a voluntary Work Cover NSW audit and it has been mentioned that we are one of the safest and best procedural printers in Western Sydney).
  • - All metal offset printing plates, digital press toners and parts are recycled and reused by Taylor Print or our supplier (up to 99% of all parts are recycled or rebuilt and reused).
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